Tough day already

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Dallas is teething and didn't sleep well last night. Most importantly he didn't want me to sleep. He would have his eyes closed and be fussing holding on to my ears pulling me close. Sounds sweet so far until you realize that if I started to doze off to sleep and my breathing changed at all he would pull my ears in opposite directions. He wanted me to go away so he would kick me in the chest but wanted to bite my cheek at the same time. He sat up at one point and headbutted me in the mouth and split my lip open. I tried to just roll over and give him some space but he kept reeling me in by pulling my hair. At 5:49 I finally called for help. He had been changed and fed, and fed, and fed but he kept biting my nipple. He wasn't going to be happy with me and I was going crazy with no sleep.

I called Doug to come and get him at 5:49am. Now, Doug was sleeping before midnight. Robin woke up as soon as Dallas went downstairs too. The phone rang at 11:45 and woke me up. Doug brought Dallas up to nurse and totally bitched me out about how Uma bird bit him and it's my fault for forcing him to interact with her since after all, I know she bites and I don't take her out of the cage without leather on. I was sleeping and he chose to try to take her out when he was mad at her for being loud. I don't know why that's my fault. Also I wouldn't have held her if I was sick and he has a very bad infection on his hand and just guess where she bit him and drew blood. Now it seems there is a chance he will get his wish to be bird free. He hasn't taken her out of the cage in nearly a year. I can't figure why he would risk it now when he's injured and now she has a real chance of getting very ill.

I feel such despair. I don't want to get out of bed today. I'm suppose to meet someone for coffee and just don't know if I can pull off normal today.