A nice walk

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It was a pretty walk today. I wore my reflective vest for the first time and even Robin thought it was funny looking and told me to take it off. The speed limit on the route I walk is 50mph in some places with no sidewalk so it really is necessary.

Dallas fell alseep right away and Robin fell alseep about half an hour in. We were out for about two and a half hours. That's not much longer than usual. I did stop to talk to a neighbor about buying a hay bale. That took about 20 min longer than I had planned.

The swans looked a lot closer in person than this photo. The mountains seem closer too.
I made it home just before it became completely dark. It's strange how different times of day means different kinds of drivers. The closer to dusk the crazier they are. I also found that if you are on the side of the road, walking wearing a reflective vest and pushing a stroller, don't pull off to answer your cell phone, three cars seemed to try to hit me even though I was in the gravel.

Robin woke in a great mood, Dallas was happy too. We came inside to start dinner. Robin helped cut up the veggies with his lettuce knife and we made a beautiful soup.