And then I fell asleep.

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I was reading a book to the boys called "Animals Nobody Loves". This book is about scary creatures like sharks, cobras and spiders. Between each two page spread, the kids would act out the creature and even Warren was getting into it. When we came to the cockroaches, for some reason, my near two week sleep deprivation caught up with me. I was out for less than twenty minutes, and it was when we used to have nap time, a few weeks ago when the kids thought sleeping was cool. When I woke up Warren was climbing on me, he had colored his hands and belly and markers were in a pile next to me. Robin and Dallas were snuggled up to me, trying to wedge themselves under me. They told me that we were baby birds and they were trying to sleep under me. Robin added that Warren just wanted to nurse because my boobies were the pouches I kept the bugs in and Dallas confirmed, "Yeah ,like ants Mama!" Warren just bounced up and down on me. After feeding Warren, checking my face for pen marks Robin brought the book to me and asked; "Can we hear about the crocodiles now?"