I know it's not Thursday anymore but...

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I need to keep my mind busy and if I wait until next Thursday I will probably forget again.


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Thirteen Things about Misty

1. I like the colors purple and orange, but not always together.

2. I always wish I had more pets. Too many are homeless.

3. I have not had a hair cut in 4 years and the last time it was cut as short as my shoulders was 23 years ago.

4. I don't eat soy, dairy or wheat. I do eat meat.

5. I would wear makeup if I could find any that seemed safe enough. I check everything through skin deep.

6. I love balloons.

7. I hate movies that make me cry.

8. I love to sew but fear making mistakes.

9. I don't really know my siblings.

10. I try to think positive but wasn't raised that way so it is a struggle.

11. I love houseplants but have a hard time keeping them alive.

12. My parrot Uma is often grumpy because she wants Doug to be her primary human adn it makes me so sad because I wanted her to love me so badly. After 9 yrs, she did honestly tell me she loves me just last night.

13. I'm forgetful and probably won't remember it's Thursday until Saturday comes again.