Google is so cool

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I have a goal of posting at least twice a week. I warn you, I might not be very interesting but at least I'll feel accomplished.

Did you see that link on your Blogger dashboard page for GrandCentral? That is so cool! I love the idea.

My license plate frames have arrived! I'm so excited!! The one for the front says "Don't Circumcise - Intact Genitals - A Basic Human Right and the rear one says "I Make Milk - What's Your Superpower?" The frames arrived even before the plates did. I was hoping to have it all fixed up before this weekend but I guess the frames will have to do.

Yesterday I walked past a pasture of white faced cows who were very pregnant. (I almost said gravid, lol) There was a whole field of cows there but three in particular came up to the fence to watch me walk by. These cows were clearly friends and thought my bright vest was catchy at least or maybe they could smell milk on me and wanted to see my babies. These three cows were standing there looking at me and I was copying their body language trying to communicate with them. I guess I did pretty good, they followed me slowly to the end of the fence as I walked and talked with them about the weather.

Well today, two of them had calved. I tried to get some photos but the sun was already to low for decent lighting. This is really the best I could get.

Doug came with us on our walk today. It was dark and the wind was cold. I'm getting better at jogging and can go further before stopping. I love it. I never thought I could be a runner, and I guess I'm really not but it's close enough for me. Someday perhaps I will be able to jog the whole way. Maybe just a third. I can jog a third of it just broken into chunks with walking in between. When I go with Doug, he's usually worried about time so we only to the shorter loop up to the fire station and it's 3 miles round trip.

I was going to come home and make fish and chips with a side of lentils and carrots. Doug made artichokes and I started the lentils but couldn't make the fish since Doug drank all the beer! I really wanted beer battered fish. I decided tot save the fish for another day and we had guacamole and salad with our artichokes and lentils instead.
Robin had a neat unschooly moment today. When I was making the guacamole I had brought the salt out and set it on the counter. I decided I didn't really want to use table salt and grabbed the kosher salt instead and forgot all about the table salt. Robin grabbed it when I wasn't paying attention and took ot to his kitchen to cook. He got out the funnel and filled his pitcher with the whole can. He sprinkled it on his play food then poured it into his pan and soon brought me a big bowl of wooden food and salt. He ran to get me a spoon and waited to see if I was going to really eat it or just pretend to eat it. I pretended and he let out a big sigh and told me how he didn't like salt so much. I told him when I cook I only use a little bit because I don't like a lot of salt either but just a little is nice because it brings out the flavor.