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Today went really well. We made it to Gleaners before they closed and Robin go tto pick out some potatoes he wanted to cut up for dinner. Doug dropped the kids and I off that the senior center for playgroup before heading to Co-op to continue working.

I worried now one would show up but as we were starting to pack up to leave Rachel showed up and finally Robin had a friend to play with (he was long tired of playing with Dallas and I). I had a good time talking to Rachel too. Dallas wanted to play with baby Jack, he's a little too small to play yet.

After playgroup I jogged the kids back to the co-op to meet Doug for a late lunch. I had a great salad while Dallas had a nap and Robin and Doug ran off to play.

We went to the feed store after eating and bought enough supplies to last until Friday. Money is really tight right now so we only got hay, alfalfa and rolled ration. We can feed most of the animals on that even if it's not what they all might prefer.

There was time left after the feed store to go for a run before sun down and Doug joined me too! We jogged and walked a trail through east MV. It was pretty and Robin got to take a nap. It was really a great day.