I love you wanna tender

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Three years ago Doug sent me an email with a link to what was said to be the worst music video ever...Robin who was 1 at the time, loved it and still asks for it frequently. So here it is as Robin calls it "I love you wanna tender"

Penny Pinching

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So I'm taking the kids to the LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference this year and we will be staying in the conference hotel. I can't imagine having to herd three under 5 in to the car and back out again for every snack and meal so I need to provide them in our room. The problem with this is just that it's not very simple. With the food sensitivities it's really rather hard. Let's start with a simple sandwich. The only gluten free bread that tastes worth eating and keeps for more the 24 hours comes frozen but you can keep it in the fridge. It does NOT taste ok cold. It doesn't microwave well either. The only way to eat it is slightly toasted, at least that's the only way my family will eat it. The room has a microwave and a mini refrigerator so I bought a little toaster oven to bring too. It was under $25 and if I eat more than one meal out of it, I have saved more than I spent. Remember no dairy, wheat or soy so fast food isn't even a possibility. Eating out even for just me and the kids is two entrees and that usually comes to around $20-$30. The boys eat a lot of food, you would be shocked what they can pack away. I'm also bringing a small crock-pot to cook dinners in. I might make oats for breakfast in it too. I have some frozen muffins to have for desserts in the toaster oven and can bake a tray of frozen fries and veggies easily. I am bringing the blender base and the blender cups for our green smoothies. I would really, really like tea so the water kettle is coming too. Cooking takes dishes and spices and well, food so I already have two suit cases packed full of kitchen type items. I have a suit case full of toiletries, vitamins and toys and a tote full of books and art supplies too. The large suit case is suppose to hold bedding, the non standard stuff like my two travel pillows I never sleep with out, the larger waterproof mat, the bed rails and our clothes. Now I'm worried I won't have room for the clothes, lol. That's 4 bags, 5 if you could the diaper bag, one large plastic tote of diapers, one toaster oven box and a large collapsible cooler that's still collapsed right now. I have gone over the list over and over and I can't figure what to cut so I guess this is really what I need to take the kids away for a week. Am I crazy? Yes I am, but I'm prepared......


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Here's the video for the song that Robin likes in his heart very very much

Plain White T's

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Both Dallas and Warren are sleeping but Robin just woke up. He asked me to turn on that group that sings Hey There Toolyla because he likes it in his heart very very much.

Working through it

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After announcing his intentions to fly away for a few weeks, I asked Robin why he wanted to go away for so long. His answer was exactly what I though it would be, he said "Well, you left me for weeks and weeks when you went to Indiana." I asked him if he was still mad about that, he said he was trying not to be grumpy anymore but he was. It didn't seem to matter that Doug was gone right after I got home, he's still only mad at me.

Last night Doug didn't come home again. He had driven to work and I had met him in Seattle to see the Imax of Star Trek so we have two cars down there. After dinner on the drive back home, although we were both tired, Doug pulled over to sleep. I eventually did too but I had the kids need to get them home and out of the carseats and he did not so he didn't come home and I had to get them all into the house, which is just over fifty yards from the cars (Doug's estimate). After the ordeal of getting to the house, the boys were wide awake so we watched a movie, it was movie night, and had a little bonding time. I think we are getting through this, slowly but it feels like progress.

He woke up this morning in a good mood. He has an imaginary bear today. Robin says this bear was mean and grumpy last year but now he's kind and nice because he's not angry anymore. The concept and comprehension of time plays a huge roll in our lives right now.

Missing friends

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While driving to Seattle Robin says from the back seat "Mama, I really want to see MaryClare and I know she lives far away so you can go ahead and drop me off at the airport and come and pick me up in a couple weeks."

Filled with Glee

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Dallas is learning to use the potty and it often involves him sitting on the toilet for long periods of time undecided about whether of not he is done. While trying to gage if Dallas was wanting to sit there on the toilet or needed a wipe (nope) Warren, who was in his bouncer in the livingroom started fussing. Robin picked him up and carried him across the room, set him on a pillow and pulled up his little piano next to him and started playing a song he was making up. Warren was holding on to the piano smiling at his brother. I came out and asked "What's going on?" Robin answered "I'm playing him a song filled with glee because he missed you and was sad but now Warren is filled with glee too." I couldn't reach a camera and knew the moment ould be lost if I tried so I did the next best thing, I called Doug and recorded it on a voice mail to him. We should all be filled with glee don't you think?

No time to stop

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Wow, I have no time to write anymore. I know they are only little once and this time shall pass sooner than I like. I think of blog posts all the time, I just never make it here to post. Even at this very moment, there i a baby fussing on my leg as I bounce him softly up and down, hoping to calm him enough for just one more word.....