I talked to Martha

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I was reheating my leftover rice and beans for lunch and listening to Martha Stewart Radio. They mentioned the phone number ot call and ask Martha a question and I got on! I thought it would be a long shot, I really didn't think I would get on the air. They took my question, I was shocked!! I asked if it was ok to combine the kids birthday parties even though it's Dallas' first. I had thought it would be ok until Doug asked me "isnt' the first birthday a really big deal?" I kinda feel every birthday is a big deal but it planted a seed of doubt.

So she gets on the line and like an idiot I said "Hello?" Anyway, she said it's perfectly ok to combine the parties as long as I have two cakes, two presents etc. until the time they complain then I should throw separate parties. I talked to Martha. I talked to Martha!! Wow I TALKED TO MARTHA!!!!! I'm such a geek ;)

She's on Sirius Radio 112 Tuesdays at 1 pm and I know the show repeats on the weekend if you want to check it out.