Dallas' Brain

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Today we left the children's museum before close because we were all too tired to play any more. This is a rare thing, but the boys were up late then up again early. No one wanted to walk back to the car so Robin and Warren were seated in the Chariot stroller and Dallas was on the end...siting backwards on the edge. I told him he couldn't sit there and needed to get all the way in or walk. "Why Mama?" he asked, like he always does before he will budge but before I could answer he promptly fell out backwards. He had on a toy fireman's hard hat and that broke the 6 inch fall. Dallas is very vocal and you can't always tell when he's really hurt or not. I suspect he doesn't always know at first either so I treat all accidents with the same level of concern, even though I wasn't worried about this one, he needed me to be worried right then.

There happened to be a Center House Security Officer riding his bike back inside to base behind us and he stopped to give us an ice pack. Dallas calmed instantly at the sight of him, he looked much like a police officer and Dallas always gets shy around police officers. He asked Dallas where he got hurt. Dallas just stared, but Warren, who now had Dallas' head in his lap, taps him on the head pointing and says with a smile "Brain". I started laughing and ask "Did you just say brain?" Warren looks and me and shakes his head yes and repeats "Brain." The security officer is cracking up and asks Warren directly "Where did he get hurt again?" To my surprise, the child who is least likely to talk to strangers answers again, loud and proud "Dallz brain. Boom brain!"

I don't remember teaching him specific anatomy, yet he was sure of it. Dallas is fine by the way. He didn't even get a bump on his head because of the plastic hard hat.