"Mama, can we have a long neck dinosaur?"

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Now anyone who really knows me, knows I can't say no to a pet. Doug can so we aren't totally drowned in animals, we can still come up for air, some days. I digress. Here's the conversation:

Robin: "Mama? If we had a long neck dinosaur, would we still have any shade?"
Me: "What do you mean Robin?
Robin: "Well, would he eat all the trees so we wouldn't have any shade?"
Me: "I'm sure he would, those dinosaurs get pretty big and need to eat a lot of trees. I don't think we would have enough."
Robin: "We could just get a baby then."
Me: "Babies grow into big dinosaurs. What would we do with him then?"
Robin, as if a light bulb above his head had turned on: "We could butcher him!"
Now, This was a very serious conversation up until this point but Doug and I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the thought. As if taken over by the giddy teenagers inside us we both started listing dinosaur meat food items: "Dinoburgers!" "Dinostew!" "Dinosteaks!" "Dinoballs! Oh wait, maybe not."
You could almost see the lightbulb disappear in a puff of smoke as he thought about eating a dinosteak as he said: "Well, maybe we shouldn't get one after all. We really don't have room for it."