Thursday Thirteen wk3

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Thirteen Things things about Misty

  1. I like animals
  2. I have owned snakes twice as long as I am tall
  3. I love rats too
  4. I have had four pet birds in my life time, one is still with us
  5. I don't believe in euthanasia
  6. I buy the best food I can for my pets and read their food labels just as critically as my own.
  7. I learned the hard way that sheep need selenium :(
  8. I really want a Doberman.
  9. I had a pure bred dog once, a Jack Russel Terrier but my mom took him to the pound for attacking a vicious stray cat. (The cat had attacked me the night before)
  10. I have never had a pure bred cat that I know of.
  11. Bettas make my world go round, I have 4 males and 1 female
  12. Guppies, even feeder guppies entertain me.
  13. I can talk to animals, not really they understand me and mostly, I can understand them too.

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