A Funny Thursday

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Warren is now using the toilet and we are starting to feel the pain of having one toilet shared between 5 people. Follows me into the bathroom chanting "Potty coming out, potty coming out." So I quickly set him on the toilet. Dallas comes running in and says "I need to poop real bad! Aw crap. He's pooping isn't he." shakes his head and walks out. The second Dallas leaves the room Robin come running in "What? Is there a line now?"

Dallas like his vitamins. He likes them a lot. He comes to me while I'm in the middle of cooking lunch and says. THe conversation went like this:
Dallas: Mama, stop what your doing and get me stars.
Me: No Dallas, Im in the middle of cooking. I'll give you vitamins after you have some food in your tummy.
Dallas: But I promise I won't get a tummy ache.
Me: Food will be ready in a couple minutes so I'm sure you wouldn't but I don't want to get them right now, I want to finish cooking.
Dallas: But my happiness will hold back my crazy because it's so strong.

Well what could I do. I got this kids his vitamins!

With lunch we tried out this new to us vegetable, garlic curls. Robin asked were they came from again, I told him the farmers market. Dallas chimes in "You know we are farmers. We have lots of cats and all farmers need lots of cats. We are rich too. We are rich in toys." Robin adds, "Yeah so rich we can't even clean them up. We should look into getting some one for that."