Some random thoughts

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When I was 16 I ate a poppy seed muffin before going to the dentist. My nerves are all in the wrong place so I would have to go in an hour before my appointment to get numbed. Because of the pain of repeated pokings and my massive panic attacks at the dentist the would always put the nitric oxide on as soon as I sat down. This was a long appointment, two hours and so I was breathing the gas for nearly three hours and after my boyfriend drove me home, I puked the muffin up in the driveway. Since then before a throw up I smell nitric oxide.

I want to go to Indiana to show my extended family Warren but I also want to go on vacation somewhere tropical. Can I swing Indiana and Mexico in one trip?

I love pork rinds and don't understand why anyone would think they are gross. How can they be worse than potato chips or doritos? At least it's clear what's in them.