Dinner at The Crab Pot

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Today we went to the Seattle Aquarium followed by The Crab Pot for dinner. We have a membership to the aquarium and I have taken the kids quite a bit but Doug had not managed to ever make it down despite working so close. He was really looking forward to going today. We had a good time spending quite a while at the touching ponds. The fish that Robin loves was no where to be seen today but he wasn't too worried about it. Dallas is excited about all the fish but signed to me that he LOVED the octopus.

At the end of our aquarium tour we went through the gift shop. The boys picked out some frogs that have a flashing LED in their bellies. I always look at the jelly fish paper weights. I'm a big kid and I am still drawn to glow in the dark things and just love those sculptures. Doug surprised me and bought me one! It's so beautiful I don't think a picture can do it justice.

Everyone was hungry and we needed to eat dinner so we walked on over to The Crab Pot.
Robin loves crab maybe even more than I do and that's really saying something. Robin also has his fathers love for all things bivalve. In addition to a pound of crab to share we ordered a bucket of mussels and a plate of ribs for Dallas and I to share. Everyone loves this place. They put a huge piece of paper on the table and dump your crab, potatoes and corn cobs out in the middle and you all get wooden boards and hammers to crack or beat you crab with. After eating ribs and corn Dallas smashed potatoes and licked them off his hammer. Robin ate a shocking amount of food. He had some of everything then finished up any left overs nearly matching Doug bite for bite. Doug was kind enough to crack a couple legs and feed me too. Since I was holing the baby, I thought it best to keep my hands crab free since babies really shouldn't be exposed to shellfish. The ribs were wonderful though and the fries were great too.

While we were eating the people sitting in the next table over pulled a dine and dash. There had been four of them and they ordered a huge amount of food. The staff gave chase and caught one of the woman's purses. Since I was taking pictures of the family while eating, I had photos of the people sitting there. I offered them to the manager on the way out, he told us this time they had an ID so they could press charges but it has been happening very often and this was the third day in a row. I"m thankful that we could just go to The Crab Pot for dinner with out worrying about how to pay for it today.