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"Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining!" - Sonny Corinthos to Anthony Zacchara on General Hospital

Yes I'm a fan of General Hospital, I have been for years. I also watch One Life To Live but usually in fast forward these days. I'm not sure why admitting to watching soaps feels like a danger. Don't judge me for it! It's not like I sit around all day watching TV. The kids are not awake when I watch them either. I don't watch reality TV, I prefer my drama fake. No one really gets hurt that way. Doug hates soaps. I'm not even allowed to watch them in bed when he's sleeping, he says it keeps him awake. This from the man who can sleep standing up while in mid conversation. I have to either read subtitles, use headphones or watch downstairs after he's asleep. It's often what's playing while I wash dishes and fold laundry after every one else is asleep.