Gratitude 2/12

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Today started with waking up after only 3 hours sleep to Dallas screaming in my face. This of course woke up Warren. Dallas rams into you while he sleeps so can not sleep near the baby. He also will climb me in his sleep so really he can’t be near me while sleeping. I cried for a good solid 10 min about the sleep I wasn’t getting. I finally got Warren settled and went back to sleep. Robin woke up next and after arguing with him about if he could gold the sleeping baby or not, he went down stairs to play.

The second time I fell apart was after cooking breakfast and serving the kids Warren needed to nurse and I couldn’t get my water bottle, I had just given up my breakfast so the boys could have seconds and when I asked Robin to get my water for me he said no. I was just tired and hungry. Eventually he did get me that water.

Dinner took me 4.5 hrs to make. I mean I was chopping, stirring and actually working on it the entire time, between diaper changes and feeding all the kids. I managed to pull it off without getting too upset about it. I guess that’s just how it goes some days. It seems most of my problems come from lack of food and sleep. It has to be just a phase that we will pass sometime. If I can hold on until the weekend I can sleep again. As for food, well no one will feed me but me so I guess that might be awhile. Now on to the gratitude.

I'm grateful for:
✿ That I had enough tears to make it through the day because it really sucks to run dry
✿ Owning two slow cookers so I could make two kinds of chili, one with beans for the family and one without for me (my babies get colicky if I eat beans)
✿ Crickets in stock at the pet store so the frog and Dragon get dinner too
✿ That even though this was my hardest day yet, I was able to help Doug feel better after his terrible day at work
✿ Cool looking latex free bandaids that apparently take away the pain of nearly having your finger severed by the parrot (poor Robin)