Gratitude 2/4-5

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Yesterday when I finally had a chance to sit down and write my five daily gratitudes it was 12:03. I was three minutes too late and this app won't let you cheat and back date. To me, if I'm still awake the day hasn't changed yet so I went ahead and wrote them down anyway and decided to post 10 today instead.

I'm grateful for:
❄ Sleeping in with baby
❄ Kisses from my kids
❄ Medium starting up again
❄ Forgetting what day it is and finding 24 recorded and waiting
❄ When my children are nice to each other

❄ The silence in the house when everone has fallen asleep and all you hear is the cascading of water from the fish tank filters
❄ Turtles
❄ Pogo games
❄ Watching a baby grow while he sleeps
❄ Coconut bliss