Working from home? NOT!!

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Today I had some work to do for Gleaners. I needed to make a spreadsheet, enter 40 some phone number into Grand Central and make about 7 phone calls. It doesn't sound like that much does it? Why is it that when you need to get something done, the kids need you most? They were fighting and screaming and drumming on everything. One call I made Robin was standing next to me repeating "I want to talk, I want to talk, I want to talk" over and over like a broken record. It didn't sound like the woman I was speaking to had children and she didn't seem too amused either. Luckily Skagit Gleaners is a volunteer based organization with makes all work for free and if anyone really didn't like my kids making noise in the back ground they can buzz off. (I was calling other members not procuring gleans today) I waited until the kids got intrested in something else before I started my calls again and well, he noticed right away and stood behind me chanting "what, what, what, what, what..." the entire call. I bet you want to slap me just for making you read that right? I just got up and left the room. I eventually made my calls.

I need to make 22 procurement calls this month, I'm not sure how. Last year I called while Doug was driving us to lunch on a Friday back in the days when he used to work from home a couple days a week. I have not come up with a plan yet. Maybe I can talk Doug into working from home one day next week so I can work too.

Amazingly things calmed right down now that I have stopped working. How do they know? I'm still at my computer, sitting in the same spot I was, doing what should appear to be the same thing as I was. Maybe it has to do with the morning verse the afternoon. Perhaps they know it's time for music or signing times so I can start dinner.

Yesterday Robin was watching Martha Stewart with me and a commercial for Lucy the new exhibit coming to the Pacific Science Center in October. He is so excited he wanted to go today to see fossils. He has no concept of waiting yet. A next month means nothing to him. He just can't comprehend it yet. He understand days and maybe weeks but when I show him a calender it seems incomprehensible. I fear I'm in for a month of "Can we go tomorrow?" We actually are going tomorrow and I will point out the dinosaur fossils to him. He has a little obsession with Lucy because I was reading him to sleep a book I just bought Our Babies, Ourselves: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Parent and there was a reference to Lucy and other fossils and I think that's where he fell asleep. He must have dreamed of it because it was the first thing he was talking about in the morning and al day long. I admit, I'm excited to go too.

We have tickets to the circus next week. It falls on the first Thursday of the month, Free Museum day. I want to go to the Burke Museum this time and see the Arctic Wings exhibit. I think Dallas will really enjoy that one, he's very into birds right now.

I just made a snack for the kids, celery sunbutter boat with raisins. It's the first time I have fed that too them but Dallas brought me the sunbutter from who knows where and I had to find someway to get it into him. Robin licked out the sunbutter as did Dallas but Dallas did try to chew on his celery a little. I never liked eating celery boats when I was a kid, I only wanted the peanut butter as well. I ate one today and it was actually good. I must be getting old. Well it's past time to start dinner now. Stew is on the menu tonight. Maybe I'll write about it later.