How I sank another $100 to

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I thought I could just pop over to Amazon, to check the exact title of the book I'm reading and be done. It never works out that smooth. Here's what happened this time: I noticed the Lodge Cast Iron Wok I have been drooling over went on sale, $39.99 from $64.99. I had to buy it. Although it qualified for free shipping on it's own I asked Doug if he wanted anything else. He added a book. While I was waiting for his book order I got to searching for one thing which lead to another thing I had been meaning to look in to and bam! 4 books and a wok later, $104 out of my pocket when I had only planned on $40. It's like walking in to Costco, always at least $50. At Goodwill, they might as well have a $20 cover and hand you a bag of crap on your way out.