What's for dinner - August 25th 2008

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On the menu tonight: Prime Rib, Baked Potato, Artichoke, Sauteed Zucchini, Red Pepper, Mushroom and Garlic and for desert Strawberry & Rhubarb Tapioca sweetened with Agave Nectar. The kids also had juiced peach popsicles I made earlier in the day.

Dallas wanted more artichoke after he finished his desert. He likes to put bowls on his head and make goofy faces at you full well knowing he's just made himself a huge mess.

Robin wanted me to take a picture of his silly and dirty face. I hate to break it to him, he has always been a cleaner child than his brother. He has silly face down well though.

The drawer full of fluff has nothing to do with dinner, I just wanted to add it in. Robin likes packing the kittens in the drawer and if I don't see them for a while I know where to look for them. They can climb out through the bottom somehow and they seem to like the quiet place to sleep. There are three in there, you just can't see Silver's face.