Our days at the Captain Bogg and Salty Tour

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Let's start with the pictures!

This year the shows were really great. It's hard to pick a favorite. We really enjoyed the new music and the old favorites too. Robin had a line up he expected everytime and had to get used to the fact that they can't play every song at every show. He really doesn't seem to know that not everyone gets to see every show either.

The only one I didn't care for much was the Sammamish show on Tuesday but that had nothing to do with the band, they were great! It was the heat. I was so busy worrying about the kids sitting in that 95 degree sun that it was hard for me to enjoy the show. Dallas turned lobster red but wasn't sunburned, just over heating. After the show we sat in the shade of the stage until the kids turned back to normal colors and headed back to the car. We had gotten up to get some water during Pieces of 8ight and Robin thought they didn't play it. He was really worried they forgot so we played it as soon as we got to the car.

There was an adult show at a bar that I really wanted to see but we didn't have anyone to watch our kids on a Tuesday night so we could go hang out at a bar and neither Doug or I wanted to go alone. It's too bad too because I really only get to hear my favorite songs at the Pirate Festival.

Wednesday's morning show was at a park in Lynnwood. It was a really neat park the band was down below and all the seating was up and around in the trees. The sound was really great.We were at the back and Robin had a good time dancing with me. He even sang along on a couple. Dallas started to dance a little until he saw the bag of apricots then he was lost to us and chin deep in fruitful bliss. At the end of this show he wanted to go say hi to the band but changed his mind after we walked down the hill. I realized it's all the other people he's really shy about not the band.

We met Doug to go to the Covington show later in the evening. This one might have been my favorite show. It was in the middle of a library but for some reason the sound was great. It was at 7pm and our kids are usually hungry by this time and this night was no exception. They did really good considering they were hungry. After the show Robin wanted the band to sign his shirt because he watched a couple kids getting their shirts signed, I'm not fond of signed shirts. To me it takes the item out of the daily wardrobe and if you can't wear a shirt, why keep it. Well except of course for my Jim Beam tshirt that Glen Danzig signed. Actually that was my favorite tshirt until he signed it, then I didn't feel like I could wear it and it's folded up vaccum sealed and in a box somewhere, not that I would wear a Jim Beam tshirt now anyways.
So back to my point. We bought Robin a bumper sticker to have signed that he could put on his pirate ship in the yard.

Thursday - the Seattle shows. I was only 20 min early to this show and the line was already almost out the door. While waiting in line Dallas had a poopy and Robin had to go too. We got out of line, rushed to the bathroom finished business and clean up as quickly as possible and ran back to the line which was lucky timing because our spot was quickly slipping in the door. The place was packed. The kids and I shared a seat. Robin was ok with that, Dallas wanted his own seat. The show was really good. We were excited for the second show because our friends were going to meet us to see it.

Between the shows we walked to the drug store to look for digestive enzymes in hopes that we could get out for lunch, but no luck. We met up with Carrie and her kids and we went to the garage to have a snack before the show. After an hour long picnic the security came and told us we couldn't eat in the garage. We were already packing up anyway. We went in to wait in line.

We were first in line, Doug and Holly both made it before the show and we were all able to sit together. All the kids had a great time dancing. Dallas had his own seat and he was clapping and dancing too. All he wanted was his own seat! Robin asked me to go down and dance with him and we did but he didn't want to do what everyone else was doing, for example during Nellie the Elephant everyone jumps up and down. He told me not to jump up and down but dance side to side instead. We danced the whole song and it was really fun. At the end though Robin was sad that he didn't get to hear Scurvy one last time. He told me that's his favorite song. It is the first Captain Bogg and Salty song we had and he has always loved it. I told Captain Bogg for him and then he was better. he just really wanted them to know he liked it.

After that great concert, which was my favorite too, we went to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Impressionist Art Exhibit. This was the last month to see it and it was pretty fascinating. Claude Monet is not an artist who's works photos do justice. I never liked Monet before I saw one in person. It's really amazing to wonder how they came to make such paintings, what the thought process was and how it was done. I don't see myself making art like that. Part of me wished I could but my brain just isn't wired like that.