OMG!...Rant or go crazy!!!

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Last night I had insomnia, I just couldn't get to sleep. The last time I looked at my watch is was around 4am. Dallas woke up at 7am, it took 25min to get him back to sleep. He finally fell asleep because I went downstairs to use the bathroom.

While on the way to the bathroom I found a pile of kitten crap behind the door. The girl Silver has litter box issues but her two brothers don't and I just don't know how to break her of it but I'm done cleaning up poop. I resolved that she could spend the day in the training cage so I didn't have to lose my mind. There is always enough poop for me to clean up without having to scrape it from the floor too.

Dallas woke up for good at 8am. I guess you could consider the few hours of sleep I got a power nap but not really sleeping. I was too drained to get out of bed so the kids and I watched an hour of Jon & Kate plus 8 on the DVR. When it was over and time for breakfast, on the way downstairs I glanced out the window to see one of the goats Kaykay, in the garden eating my tomatoes.

I rushed down the stairs, checked that the livingroom was a secure place to leave the kids for a minute and opened the door to run out the kitchen to find my very, very expensive shredder pulled out to the middle of the floor hanging by it's cord and trying to rev-up every few seconds. It is kept between the wall and the washing machine and behind it is a bunch of crap to be sold or donated. Titus had dug it all out. He wasn't looking for food, he can reach the stove and there was a big pot of beef broth and onions from last nights dinner waiting to be dumped to the chickens up there he could have easily reached instead. I don't know why he did it but I freaked out on him, yelling and screaming like a crazy person and kicked his ass outside to be chained up in the yard for the day. I upright the shredder, find my outside shoes and go to catch the goat.

On the way to get Kaykay, I meet up with a swarm of mosquitoes that follow me having quite a meal the whole time. The propane is out on the mosquito trap, I need to remember to get that filled today. Heading through the garden I find that none of the poultry was fed or watered today. I assume the goats weren't watered either. I'll have to gear up and take everyone there food and water later as I'm only in a tank top and shorts being eaten by mosquitoes now. Kaykay comes with me willingly and she didn't eat too much of the garden that I can see, she prefers the blackberry leaves. I tried to get her rope untangled and I was attacked by the thorny blackberry stalks myself, I had them stuck in my fingers and ankles pretty bad, after the third bleeding finger I put the goat in a kennel and go back to the house to look for the machete. It's nowhere I can find so I go ahead and decide it can wait until after breakfast and better clothing. On the way back to the house it hits me that I don't actually have any full length maternity jeans that fit me, only capri's so I'm screwed either way. At least my rain boots are high.

I get in the door and Dallas is up on a chair soaking wet. There is fluid all over on the table, on the chair and the floor. Incase you didn't know, I don't keep a really clean house anyway. It's so small, tiny really there just isn't room for everything so it is always a mess, but it's not STICKY!! I asked Robin waht happened and he tells me that Dallas got my Recharge (sports drink) and drank it. I'm not sure any actually made it into him. Thank goodness Robin took it way and put the cap back on. I grab a couple towels and try to dry everyone and everything off starting with the baby and then turn and take the three steps it takes to get to the bag we put the dirty "white towels" when done with them. In that amount of time, seconds really Dallas has obtained a container of 100 king mealworms and dumped them in the middle of the room. Now these are large creepy crawlies. They are big enough to have a couple of brain cells and to know this is their only chance at freedom and they are not going to let it slip away. Dallas all the while is thinking it's the greatest thing he has ever seen, 100 two inch mealworms running in opposite directions. I scream for Robin to come and help me. He's the only one not affraid to touch them, well he was. The one he picked up first tried to crawl up his arm and he freaked out. I think I caught them all, I scooped them into a pile with a peice of paper then back into the jar.

I get out cereal for breakfast. I ask Robin if he wants milk because some days he doesn't and he says yes then while I'm pouring changes his mind and starts crying because his flakes are wet. Dallas happily eats. Uma (African Grey Parrot) is beeping at full volume freaking out thinking I'm going to forget to giver her a bowl too. Anytime Robin cries about something she seems to get upset too.

On the way to putting the milk away I glance out the window to see Titus digging a hole int he dirt and although a near white lab he is not mud brown because it has also started raining. It's too late to pull him in now, he's already covered. Being a lab he is mostly waterproof though, why can't he be dirt proof too?

The kitten in the cage is crying at full volume, she is also the worst food stealer we have. She knows to limits. For instance, last night she tried to take Doug's roast off his plate when he blocked her with his hand she bit him to try to get him to move. These cats get fed some of the best food made. There is no filler and no animal by-products. This is high end cat food and it is always available to the kittens. The adult cats are only fed once a day due to weight management issues otherwise. Suddenly Robin starts yelling at me "She's saying let me out! Let me out!" and then he starts crying too. As calmly as I can muster I tell him I'm not picking up anymore cat poop today so he better tell her that she needs to use the litter box for that or she can't come out. I give in and let her out. So much has happened I only got to eat half my cereal before it got too mushy for human consumption. Bummed and hungry I look over and Dallas has fallen back to sleep. Robin isn't tired at all. Now there is no chance of a nap today. It WILL get better today, IT WILL!

Update: The sprinkling makes our internet go down. This is not something I can fix. It's not a priority to Doug either because he's not here all the rainy day waiting for the internet to come back on line. He says we need to get the satilite repossitioned. And how the hell am I suppose to do that. I don't eveh have the contact info for Wild Blue or I would be calling complaining about it. I can't look it up either since I have not fricken internet!!

I feel so alone when I don't have internet access. My iPhone doesn't get a signal in the house either so it's not like I can just pop on facebook, myspace or ebay to check to see if the rest of the world is still turning.