Our 12th anniversary

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Today was our 12th anniversary. Did we have big plans? We had planned on going to the movies. Doug was going to go while I watched the kids then I was going to go while he watched the kids. That's how we were able to see Dark Knight and it worked out well. No one felt like going anywhere this morning so we decided to stay home and prepare for picking up the iguana tomorrow. She's a homeless little fellow about 3 ft if I remember right, and bright green. I think she will do just fine with us.

This was a large under taking requiring both Doug and I to work near constantly going through stuff, getting rid of stuff and moving furniture. We will be using an old ferret cage for a while until we can build the permanent one. I have a design in mind but it won't be cheap. I want one made of oak. I've had a pine .. it wasn't very impressive.

We had cold cereal for breakfast, scrambled eggs with peas and zucchini for lunch and a fabulous feast of gluten free whole grain banana pancakes with agave nectar and hash browns all home cooked from scratch. Dallas in particular thought it was the best dinner he has EVER had. He made my night with his constant exclamations of Mmmm and laughing with joy before each bite.

He had a kinda hard day today. He pooped 3 times. That may not sound like a huge deal but the first time he did the unthinkable, somehow he squatted and pooped on the rug then with his hand wiped it all over his face. I don't know if it made it into his mouth, I tried not to think of it. This one required a hose down followed by a bath. The second time he didn't have a diaper on, he and Robin had been playing a game and Robin starts yelling POOP! POOP! He was sitting on his foot and pooped all over his leg and feet and the carpet, in a different spot of course. The third time I was in the middle of cooking dinner and Doug happened to be walking by Dallas in the living room just in time to see him pulling his poop covered hand out of his diaper. I can't even tell you how thankful I was that Doug was here to deal with all fo today's poop. This stuff happens to me all the time but usually not all in one day. Aside from the shower/bath Doug did all the clean up. THANKS DOUG!! That must be true love!