Eagles In The Yard

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Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know this before but having eagles in your yard isn't always a good thing. They can and do carry off cats and dogs and other small animals. Today while making lunch, Doug say an eagle swoop down into our yard and land it a tree. We have 8 cats out there and Junior (yorkie mix) was out in the yard too. It didn't move on so we ran out to scare it away. Doug beat me around the corner and started clapping to scare the eagle away. As he took off over the shed, Raven called out from across the yard, then 7 ravens took off out of the cherry tree. These are very large birds, not to be confused with crows in the slightest. We stood there for a minute, a little stunned wondering what we just interrupted when our Raven, the one that says good morning to me, the one that kept the hawks away from the chickens came swooping down over our heads calling out again. We said hello and then he was gone. Yep, Raven has our back.