Concurring The Mountains of Diapers

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This week I decided to try diapers a different way. Instead of washing every two-three nights and folding the next day I washed everyday and decided to put them away once a week. I just don't know if this will work out. It's true I didn't feel behind since I planned on folding at the end of the week and I still felt accomplished since I washed them every night. It's the folding that got me. I had to fold a day early because I was just out of diapers, but Burn notice and Royal Pains were on the DVR so I had something to watch. I'm just about half was through the third and final bag and needed to sit and have a break.

I am trying a different way of tackling the regular laundry too. It seems to be working well so far. Previously I sorted laundry by colors, darks and whites with bath towels and napkin/household towels separate. I was always behind on folding. I really hate that. Now the bins have been relabeled Mama, Papa and Kids. This has made it much easier because, maybe it's no big surprise, but most of the dirty laundry is generated by Doug. He wears at least two outfits every day, some days a couple more. The kids laundry has gotten a little easier since it's been hot they haven't wanted clothes. The plan was wash one load a day but I have not been able to do that and it has worked out fine. I just have to keep on top of Doug's laundry. There have been a few accidents lately such as a bathroom flooding as well as a child who takes his diaper off in his sleep that have kept the laundry busy with sheets and bath towels. Anyway, I think this might work out fine if I could only get these diapers finished. I'll put on a movie next time to help pass the time better....