Crappy day on the farm

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Today has been a crappy day. Robin woke up early, before I was willing to get up and he woke me up every 15 minutes for the next 2 hrs but I was able to stay in good humor. The trouble started when I heard a car in the driveway. It was the same guy who always comes to leave us a pamphlet called The Watch Tower I called out the window to the man on his way to my door asking him to leave his literature on the table in the yard. I didn't want the dogs to get excited before they had been out to potty. I didn't hear them freaking out, but maybe they had.

When I came down after he had left, the kitchen floor was covered in urine. I got towels so mop it up, sprayed enzyme cleaner on it, walked to out of the room to get some gloves on and came back to Dallas slipping in a puddle of cleaner. He needed a quick shower to clean him off then I go back to cleaning it up.

I opened the door to let the dogs out now that they wouldn't be splashing through pee and find a dead baby red breasted robin and 3 rodents in various stages of being consumed, all involving entrails on the mat. The kids are used to seeing rodent parts by now but I know I have to dive out to get that baby bird before Robin sees it and we start in on a day of "Why did the bird have to die?" "Where/what is he now?" "How can we save the next bird?" It makes for a trying day because no possible answer will bring back the dead creature and that's what he really wants.

I let the dogs back in and by now the children have all been very patient but are very hungry so I go to get the milk from the fridge and almost step in a fresh bit of dog poop. I though animals didn't poop where they sleep. Everyone knows that right? Not my dogs. I don't know if it was Pokey or Junior but that the heavens it wasn't Titus. Clean that up and back to breakfast.

Fast forward two hours and I hear a goat yelling. I go outside and can see them down in the woods, not in a fenced area. The yelling is Kay Kay. She has horns so probably doesn't fit through the hole the others escaped from. I have to go to science group but can't because I now have to find a way to get the goats back in the yard because if they wander into the neighbors yard we might get a visit from the cops for having livestock at large or they might just shoot them, either is as strong a possibility. I come back inside to ponder my next step and slip in a puddle guessed piss.

I'm going to give up now. I'm calling it a day. I'm not leaving the house, just going to watch to make sure the goats don't leave. They won't come to me, they know they are getting the greener brush on the other side of the fence right now. As long as they don't leave or eat my fruit trees, and the kids are still happy as they have been all day, I'm going to just go with the flow even if it's only a trickle.