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Doug is snoring so loud the house is shaking. I hate that. It means the kids will wake up either grumpy or late and I won't get much sleep because when I finally do get to go to bed, I will spend all night telling him to roll over. If I take away the pillow he will mostly stop but then he wakes up and bitches at me and that's almost worse. I have bought all these things to try to stop the snoring, with his wakeful consent too but he won't use them. I have this snore clip that works by magnets and sticking in his nose, man that thing works awesome. He complains that it's too tight, well the rest of us can sleep, are you sure hurts worse than a foot in the back dear? I just got this snore spray to try and have asked him to please put it somewhere convenient for him since my getting up to get it in the middle of the night is very unreasonable as we have already established with the hip pain. It's STILL here on the table. There are exercises to try before sleeping that are suppose to help but that would break his routine. Honestly sitting her listening to this, I understand why some married couples sleep in separate rooms. I always though that would be the beginning of the end so to speak but what if it's really preventing the end by giving the non-snoring party a little sanity. It has gotten so much worse in the last couple years, I don't know what to do.