Ok lets meet this baby already!!

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I feel like I'm absolutely going to burst. Really, no kidding. I don't remember feeling so huge before although the pictures tell it otherwise. I really can't wait to meet baby, I also cant wait for my belly to stop hurting. I went to the Chiropractor yesterday and that helped with my back pain. I wish I could go every day. My hips felt so much better when I left but after sleeping on them again, how can I not, they hurt again. I did sleep the longest stretch I have in weeks, about 4 hrs without waking. So long that when I woke up and baby didn't I started to worry and had to get the doppler and wake the little baby up. Heartbeat was fine, I was just worrying for no reason.

I keep hoping to get that infamous burst of nesting urge. I have not had it yet, and did not with Robin or Dallas either. I keep working my ass off at night to make up for what didn't get done during the day like the dishes or cleaning up the toys. It feels so futile at times. If any project gets worked on at all, the regular stuff doesn't get done. I can't pick up all the slack, but Robin said Papa was working so I guess if he has to work on the weekend then I need to be the one to wash the dishes. Did I mention that I can't really reach the sink too well? I hate washing the dishes right now, but I feel strongly that in case of emergency, I would feel better knowing that it didn't look like EVERYTHING was neglected here.

I have been wanting to sew for sooo long but can't seem to get the table cleaned off. This sucks. Maybe the baby is just going to be waiting for me to finish the new carrier an if I could only find the table to do it, baby would come already. I know, I know not even my due date yet but I can't help but feel in a hurry this time for some reason.

It occurred to me today while chatting with my sister online, I had not spoken to her until recently, that my family is rooting for baby to be a girl. She referred to the baby as "she". My grandmother has told me she prefers girls, my mother has referred to the baby as "our little girl" (which cracks me up since she doesn't have time for my little boys so why would she would lay claim to any child of mine.) Uncle Fred thinks it's a girl but I don't think he really cares too much either way, he's a rather jovial fellow and was just making a guess. Why do people care? This baby shouldn't be a disappointment for anyone either way. If it's a girl we will still keep having children, if it's a boy we will still keep having children. I don't care what anyone else thinks we should be having. It sucks that it matters but I think I have written about it before, apparently it does to some people. The thing is, the people it seems to matter to most are barely around so it really doesn't matter does it.