He notices everything

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Robin woke up this morning and came to wake me up. He said he was hungry so we went downstairs to have breakfast and let Dallas sleep a little longer. We have 5 indoor cats. Doug took the two boys to get fixed this morning. Usually the cats hide and sleep in the morning, at least I thought they do. No sooner do we make it downstairs he says to me "Mama, where are all the cats?" I said "They must be sleeping." He says "No, they aren't here. Where did they go?" He has doctor phobia pretty badly but I had to tell him where they were, clearly our little psychic knew the house was lacking a couple bodies. He says to me, "Gamma needs to get fixed but Goldar is good and we don't need him fixed, he's not broken!" and he starts to cry. Well I couldn't figure out a good way to explain exactly what getting a cat fixed was but I told him that Gamma needed his brother to go with him so he wouldn't be scared at the doctors and that Papa was bringing them back home tonight. He calmed down and seemed to except this. I don't know what I will tell him when it's Silver's turn to be spayed. I decided to wait on her until the boys are calmed down since it's a major surgery for a female cat and pretty minor for a male. She will go alone and he will probably cry again. Silver has been beside herself bored today. She always plays with the kids, but has her brothers to play too. The kids are getting tired of being pounced upon by her poor thing she's so lonely. I can't imagine not having all three of them, they love the kids so much and are such a part of our day, it is lonely with out the boys here. They will be back tonight and they will be ok.