Dinner and birth talk

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We go eat at this Chinese restaurant on a fairy regular basis and the waiter/owner (I think), he asked when baby was due, we told him and then he tells us that his sister has had two babies but she is small and the babies were big so she scheduled C-sections. Now it was really the swooping hand gesture under his mid section that made me come back with "I birth at home." It wasn't information that needed to be shared yet it really just popped out. He looked shocked. Either he had never heard of such a thing or I don't know what! He did admit that he watches a lot of birth shows on TV and said a lot can go wrong. I assured him that both my kids had been birthed at home and we are all well. He asked "Why would you not go to a hospital to have your baby?" My answer: "First, I don't really like doctors much, (that should have been my second reason but that's how it came out) and second, I feel that birth is more of a bodily function that we are meant to do rather than a medical situation. (truly my first reason but again, thats not how it came out.) Now at this point he is stunned speechless. He finally said make sure you have someone with you like this guy pointing to Doug whom only nodded.

The dinner conversation before this point had been perhaps non-conventional and the couple across from us didn't appear that they could take too much more. When I said birth was a bodily function the woman actually choked. It was really hard not to laugh. Previous I was telling Doug how this morning before Robin went down stairs, he climbed into bed with me to cuddle (Yeah for those glowing bears, still going strong with sleeping on their own!!) Robin told me that he really wanted to help the baby get born and we didn't need any friend to come over. He said that he would cut the placenta. I asked if he meant the cord and he said with a very stern and straight face "That is exactly what I meant to say Mama, I will help you and cut the cord so we can all cuddle and hold the baby." I don't remember this part being covered on any birth video we had watched and we don't watch the birth scare tv shows either. I wonder if he remembers the cutting of Dallas' cord when he himself was only 2 yrs old. Anyway, I thought it was a strange request but we will see. I usually do that part myself.

He is so excited every day he comes up to me and says you know what Mama? There's a baby in your belly, or did you know there's a baby in your belly? Or sometimes he will ask me, where's the baby? An I will point down and he will say oh, just checking. We were using the doppler one day, we don't use it often so it's a big deal. Dallas was sitting on the side of the chair I was on and the baby kicked and everyone saw it. Since then, he loves to come and pull my shirt up and demonstrate to me where he saw the baby kick and he kicks the air while poking my belly in the same spot. He has been kicked before but I think it was just so visible that for some reason that time really stuck with him. I don't think Dallas will be as excited as Robin when the baby comes. He does however have baby fever. Everything is a baby and he stuffs them down his shirt an will sometimes even nurse his dolls and animals. I have a feeling I'm going to need to make a couple little baby slings for these two.