Filled with Glee

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Dallas is learning to use the potty and it often involves him sitting on the toilet for long periods of time undecided about whether of not he is done. While trying to gage if Dallas was wanting to sit there on the toilet or needed a wipe (nope) Warren, who was in his bouncer in the livingroom started fussing. Robin picked him up and carried him across the room, set him on a pillow and pulled up his little piano next to him and started playing a song he was making up. Warren was holding on to the piano smiling at his brother. I came out and asked "What's going on?" Robin answered "I'm playing him a song filled with glee because he missed you and was sad but now Warren is filled with glee too." I couldn't reach a camera and knew the moment ould be lost if I tried so I did the next best thing, I called Doug and recorded it on a voice mail to him. We should all be filled with glee don't you think?