Thursday Thirteen wk6

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Thirteen Things I like to see in Seattle

  1. Seattle Science Center - I'm a card carrying member.
  2. Uwajimaya - I have not been in years but it's on my list. I need to go and get some sweet rice flour.
  3. Goodwill Outlet - where else can't you buy all things used by the pound?
  4. Mee Sum Pastry - Hum Bow at it's best!
  5. Woodland Park Zoo - also a member, the zoo is best on a rainy day.
  6. Seattle Aquarium - I had not been in the aquarium in over 5 years and it has changed a lot for the better. I will join there soon too.
  7. Seattle Library - more books that anyone needs
  8. UW bookstore - more stuff to see than just books. It's the best place for art and office supplies and trinkets.
  9. University Ave "The Ave" - There is a great mexican restaurant where Taco Bell used to be, a birkenstock store, twice sold tales, people watching, etc.
  10. The Seattle Art Museum - especially on Free first Thursday
  11. Pike Place Market - who doesn't love pike place?
  12. The Burke Museum - It's a gate way to "The Ave"
  13. MOHAI - The Museum of History and Industry, the final resting place of poor stuffed Coco the Gorilla. I also like to see the Rainier Runners, they always make me laugh.

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