Dallas at the Children's Museum

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What a big boy he is growing to be. The Children's Museum just opened it's temporary home in the mall and we went for opening day. It was a school holiday so it was busy with children of an age we usually wouldn't see. That always makes it hard on Robin too, having to deal with the daycare crowd. He's not used to how rough they are and they are not used to an adult actually watching their every move. I have no problem telling someone else's kid to knock it off if they are endangering another child but it sure shocks some of those kids. The parents never seem to notice. Some mothers were actually overheard talking about how they love the museum moving to the mall so they can just drop their kids. I sure hope that doesn't become the norm. It's so sad the other museum closed. I admit being resistant to change, but I fear we won't fit it at the new place. There are only fast food options at the mall. The mall is also the only indoor place to take kids to play now. It has the only indoor playground. Chuck E Cheese if you feel like letting your kids go and kicking back with some pizza and now the museum and who knows what it will turn out to be like.

We did recently find a new place to play. Freddie Land. Robin can go play while I shop. The problem with that is he likes to shop and wants to go shop after he gets out of play land. He really likes to drive the car cart. It also makes it so he can reach to pick out the produce.

I know that Haggens has one too, a play land. We haven't gone there yet. I don't' shop their often, the prices are so much higher for the only items I would buy. It might be worth it to sit and have a cup of tea while he plays some time. He's also becoming a big boy.

It was really hard for me the first time he asked to go in and play alone. He was asking to have his own experience that I couldn't be a part of. I knew I had to let him have a life too and it wouldn't be fair of me to tell him no just because I would be lonely. He didn't even look back. I guess that just means I am raising a secure child and this attachment parenting must be working. He certainly had confidence. The hard part was getting him to come out 20 minutes later. He was having fun and didn't want to leave. The attended had to carry him to the door but won't push him through and I had to wait until he leaned closer so I could pull him out. It was sad for me that he didn't miss me and wanted to play more but I know I should be thankful that he didn't feel afraid and was secure enough to know that he was still safe.