I made it, I'm just running late as usual.

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I have been meaning to start a blog here for a while, but couldn't get around to it and like so many other things just let it slip. Why now you ask? Well, I have high hopes of getting a new cell phone that will allow me to type out blogs on the go and send pictures here directly from my phone. That would be so cool. Half the time I don't get to blogging purely because I can't get to processing the photos I take intending to post them on my blog, previous blog that is. I blogged on Myspace but something doesn't feel right about it so here I am.

My goals for this blog: I would like to post about raising children as an attachment parent, homeschooling starting in the preschool years, gluten-free cooking, growing your own food with the goal of self-sufficiency, raising farm animals and trying to make a living. As the title says, basically what is falling out of my head.